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Left: Acid Trip (aka: Bobbins Power) This work represents the inspiration for the series “Reflections”

Intially sketched by the artist in 1986 and painted from 1987 to 1988, the work has been exhibited twice in the UK 1989 and 2007. It has never been made avaiable for collectors. In 2022 the work will feature in one of the North West Auction house in one the Northern Art Special Auctions. The estimated value direct from the Artists Collection is currently £9000 (retail 18,000k)

Oil on Masonite Board. 1200mm x 600mm (4ft x 2ft) Recently reframed and currently housed with Richard Fitton at his framing company in Manchester UK

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This exhibition and catalogue is a true story about how I overcame serious issues with a traumatic post operative condition. This was acheived by utilising the help of painting and writing. The work spans one decade (2005 to 2015) and is a tentative insight into how Art can help fight a psychological and medical realated illness, such as depression and the oss of self belief.

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