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Below is the Front Cover of the Catalogue for the new Preview VR exhibition of the unique art projects Mersey Gateway Bridge 2015 to 2019. And the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station Art Project 2019 – ongoing. You can view the whole catalogue here.

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Fiddlers Ferry is joint art project curated by painters TUBES. The artists are Shaun Smyth and Lee Harrison. The project consists of paintings and photography. This ambitious project is sponsored by painters TUBES magazine and SSE plc who are the owners of Fiddlers Ferry and one of the large Power Suppliers to the UK. The project will be exhibited in painters TUBES VR Gallery and the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in the early summer of 2022.

Shaun Smyth has also single handed created images that narrate the construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge, a huge and beautiful piece of 21st century engineering. The Fiddlers Ferry Art Project is an equally important project with Shaun having been joined by Lee Harrison, a photographer, which increases the interesting narration and the curation of the exhibition of the two art projects, which is handled by the third member of the creative project team, Denis Taylor, who has written the catalogues and conceptual input.

It was designed and constructed by a world collaboration of Asia, Europe and the UK building and design companies. The bridge was one of the largest infrastructure initiatives in the UK encompassing a new six-lane toll bridge over the River Mersey along with 9 km of local road upgrades. Construction was carried out by Merseylink Civil Contractors, a joint venture between Kier Infrastructure, Samsung International Construction and FCC Construcción UK and Ireland. The bridge was recognised by KPMG among the 100 most important infrastructure projects in the world. Below is the catalogue to the first exhibition of the MGB.