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to create a better future about the past

painters TUBES® is a registered brand. It is an artists run family concern registered in Sweden with printers, catalogues and magazines distributed from the UK to world wide audience. Private companies and individuals provide support and advise from London to the New York to mainland Europe, the Canaries islands and beyond. painters TUBES® is also supported by artists magazine and catalogue subscriptions and individual purchases.

painters TUBES® is not motivated for profit ….”art with aesthetics & ethics ” is the mantra.

Established in 2013 by the artist and writer Denis Taylor, the magazine has grown in popularity from a day one with a zero readership on day of publication (issue #1) to 150,000 world wide readers in 24 months. Today the flag-ship magazine reaches a world wide audience of over half a million online. Today Tubes is produced as an 80 page ‘pure art’ publication and artists content that does not follow Trends. There are no pages of third party advertisements.

painters TUBES magazine is a respected established art publication in the contemporary art world in several countries and has featured world wide acclaimed and unknown artists within the pages of all its issues from day one.

The TUBES family embraces, supports and sponsors Art Projects, Solo and Group Artists shows (VR and pop-up shows) Public Art Museum Special Exhibitions. Painting Valuations, Private and Public Art Commisions, Collectors Advise. And of course the recently established Virtual Reality Galleries: painters TUBES gallery & Face Book Group Gallery for solo shows [Tubes Artists.Gallery] which will be inaugurated with its first show during the winter of 2022.

painters TUBES® are now re-designing the family group of websites with a new theme for the 2022 web and mobile applications. This new website will become the central point for the Virtual Reality Shows, announcing the Real Life Exhibitions and the Public Art Galleries and Artists Catalogues.

painters TUBES are also collaborating with individual artists to marry Poetry and visual art in a venture that will benefit both parties with a income from the sale of Printed Booklets.

painters TUBES® is activly seeking partners with other Art Professionals and Consultants for an ambitious project which will ignite great public interest in ‘visual-art.’ The project follows the concept of the 1863 Salon Des Refusés in Paris which attracted more than a thousand visitors a day. The new UK version of Refusés des Salon is currently in the planning stage – but it will accomodate both accomplished and new talented young artists who have not had the opportunity to exhibit in a public funded exhibition and can seize this fabulous opportunity to dispålay their work to a mass audience.

The version of the Salon des Refusés new exhibition concept for the UK is ©Denis Taylor & painters TUBES® 2020 – all rights reserved.

Fact Check: There are 320,000 artists in the UK alone and that number quadruples in Europe, let alone the USA. If the concept is accepted as the Salon Refusé shows a proven track record of success the concept of the Refusés Salon (2023) will be exported to other groups and organisations throughout the world where painters Tubes will offer consultantancy, methodology, implimentation of systems, venue acquitions advise and recommendation for the curation of exhibitions and marketing.

Contact painters Tubes main office in Sweden for any reason whatsoever or to ask a question about art.

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