Poetry and images by Kate Collins and Denis Taylor

The work shown in this special publication is a relative new excitimng series. Kate has created enough resolved work for a number of editions. She has known Denis, her fellow artist, for a number of years through his paintings and his writing with painters TUBES magazine. 

About the Artists

Kate Collins

Kate is a gifted (largely) self-taught painter with a studio based in Stockport, Cheshire UK.                         Kate’s past work spans across different mediums from oil, egg tempera painting on canvas to hand painted bone china. Some of her early work was reproduced by Medici for their greetings cards in the 1970’s and for a time she worked as a freelance illustrator. She then began exhibiting in a private gallery (Preston NW UK) and specialised in Naïve Art. Her her first solo exhibition was televised, on ‘North at Six’. This show was given a helping hand by another well known North West UK based artist, Helen Bradley. She gave Kate a great amount of encouragement and advice and encouraged her to experiment with oil paint. Since then of course the artists work has been exhibited in several high street and public Galleries and is widely collected. Kate is a popular member of the North West English Contemporary Art Scene. Kate is an honorary member of the British Society of Naive Painters and MAFA (Manchester Academy of Fine Art).

Denis Taylor

Denis is an international artist. He attended the Manchester High School of Art  (UK) from the age of eleven years old. His studio is now located in Southern Sweden, however he has created seminal work in the UK (Manchester) Greece (Aegina) Sweden, Stockholm and Angelholm. He has curated numerous exhibitions in three countries and was Commissioned by The Swedish Government to curate and design a Nationally important show in Stockholm (1998 to 2002).  His paintings are generally large in scale which are in collections in the UK, the USA, Israel, Greece and Sweden. Denis has been writing poetry for over 50 years and has published work for Orchard Cancer Fund among several other Male Health concerns. The artist founded painters TUBES magazine in 2013 (Sweden) which rapidly become one the most highly regarded Art Magazines. His work and writing has also been published in the International Art Market Magazine. His current work is concerning research in the application of new thinking in colour and form.

Ash Can to Soup Can- issue 22 painters TUBES magazine
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