Six of the best exhibition. TAG Tubes issue 1 to issue 6

introduction to the exhibition in Tubes Artists VR Gallery

As the Editor and Founder of painters TUBES® it is my great pleasure to curate this new VR exhibition. This review publication is both a catalogue of the VR exhibition online and a review of the the art that has featured in TAG #1 to TAG #6. And I am sure it will be well visited by TUBES audience. You will need to buy the magazine before you can read online send the Editor an email for details : [email protected]


Best of Six- Tubes Artists Gallery special exhibition for the artists in TAG #1 to #6

This catalogue is available to a global regular readership. The exhibition is open 24/7 and 7 days a week until the end of February 2021. It shows around 40 works of art from 40 artists who have all featured in the TAG publications. It was a hard job selecting the 40 pieces from the huge numbers of quality artwork that TAG have published.

Inside pages of Best of Six - tag-tubes

We selected those that have not featured in the magazine, however it was important to balance the exhibition with both size, style and genre to give the audience an eclectic view from the great painters TUBES magazine contemporary artists from 2016 to 2020.

About TAG

TAG was a showcase publication that TUBES created to increase the visibility of greater numbers of artists in a more simple format, but in a unique way. As the art and artists that have been featured in painters TUBES magazine for the last years. The last TAG showcase was #6 because the Showcase format was developed into a Virtual Reality Gallery that TUBES introduced toward the end of 2020.

Future Exhibitions

This new Gallery is now very established and expanded in conjunction with the new 2021 program of High Street Venues in a Pop Up 14 day exhibitions in various City Centre venue throughout the UK and beyond. painters TUBES are collaborating with World Art Finance and World Art Exhibitions to ensure the high status of these exhibitions. They will be supported by expert marketing and advertising and superb coverage in painters TUBES magazine published in print and on all TUBES independent platforms.

Here at TUBES we believe this new approach of Art Magazine, Art Gallery, both real and VR is a significant advance of the current system of marketing contemporary art and bringing the very best contemporary paintings into the public square. 2021 is a Year and we want a New Start for Everyone. Lets keep positive and look forward to the Spring when we hope to God these lock downs are eased by the ‘Jab’ and the Pandemic is on its way out.

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