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painters TUBES is an 80 page magazines (with no adverts) packed with great articles and essays and critic on selected painters today per year. The upcoming magazine promises to be as dynamic and informative as the last twenty issues. Issue number 23 is our third look into abstraction -The first review was way back in issue #4 with the second review published by issue #17. Now its issue #23 which completes the series, with selections from issue #4 and issue #17 – It promises to be a great issue. Tow main writers will be covering two era’s of abstraction and painting today. One of the writers is William Kherbek, who positions himself half in London and half in Berlin – so Tubes can get both perspectives of contemporary painting. William has had his most recent book published, “Best Practices” – which can be ordered from Burley and Fisher Books

William Kherbek Feature Writers for painters TUBES magazine

William will be talking about the German Expressionists, their influences and how they became to be. Williams essay is entitled: “Same Geist Different Zeit?” William has written for many publications including two established Art magazine in the US. painters TUBES are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to his forthcoming essays

Denis Taylor Artist. Writer and Founder of painters TUBES® Born 1951

The second writer for the new issue is Denis Taylor, who many of our readers know as the Editor in Chief of painters TUBES magazine.

Denis has been engaged from early in 2020 collaborating with British Art Exhibitions with the Manchester 2020 Vision exhibitions for Tubes Artists Galleries (aka TAG) The project entails 12 VR shows with a finale at the Brick Work, Barton Arcade Central Manchester, (April 15th 2022). Denis has written and made critic on over 600 painters work in 2021. The artist and writer is also an experienced curator. In his other role as a painter, he has researched ‘abstraction painting’ with a specifically ‘subject based’ program for over thirty odd years, mainly from his studios in England, Greece and Sweden. His current Studio in located in the North West Sweden at Studio 5.

Denis’s personal website can be viewed here. You can DM Denis on instagram and FB messenger or email him on [email protected] to discuss your inclusion in the magazine. Denis’s essay for issue number 23 is entitled “from Cezanne to Wham.”

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