TAG. Tubes Artists Gallery. Showcase 1 from 2016.

Special Tubes Artists Gallery Catalogue featuring new and established contemporary painters.

#1-Was the first TAG Showcase publication of original and by talented painters.  TAG Showcases were an independent and complimentary publication to the main painters Tubes magazine, which  enjoyed an audience of over 100K. These publication developed into the fantastic Virtual Reality Galleries that are now enjoying recognistion throughout the contemporary art world.

The Showcase formed a platform for visual artists that was both online and in print. They were used highly successfully to gain artists new sales to private collectors.

TUBES are non-over-profit orientated organisation. Our artistic ethical approach favour the artists, because TUBES are artists themselves. This should set the standard for both high street and major online players in todays marketplace. The Six Showcase publications produced (2018-2020) are the ground base that all artists catalogues are now produced by TUNES. That is, editorial, artists critic and linked to VR and high street gallery exhibitions.VR online Exhibition Platform and a series of POP-UP exhibitions.

The artists are the main beneficiary from the sale of any work from Tubes Artists Gallery. The administration fee is 25% of sales only. No costs are otherwise involved.  

TAG-TUBES designed in Sweden and curated by the artist and writer Denis Taylor.