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Ten of the Best From Painters TUBES magazine

Here at painters TUBES magazine we had long planned (about 10 years) to launch a Virtual Reality presence. That of course started with our wonderful flip magazine platform and grew into the first steps into Virtual Reality Showcase Gallery. View the magazine in real time below:

TEN” – TUBES new VR Exhibition will be opening on the 20th February 2021

Of course we have kept our toe in the real world and maintained printing TUBES issues with an almost religious fervour.
As the Founder and the Editor it has been my conviction to “Print Magazines and be dammed.” and Keep the Online Magazine Free to Read – at all costs – in the tradition of a sort of crazy publishing self proclaimed un-changeable edict of a lunatic. Illogical that attitude maybe, and now I have to admit it will be the end of TUBES if we persist with this model,


I eventually caved in to keep the Print Publication alive, as it was a case of Printed Version totally Scrapped or the Online to become the source of our much needed funding. I voted for the later rather than the former. Printed magazines will be £60 per annum for the new 88 page magazine published 4 times a year, that’s 352 pages (one for every day of the year) of unique content and excellent Art.

The special issue #20 will be the last FREE Online TUBES magazine
So, as of issue #21 readers can buy the any painters Tubes magazine from pocketmags.com at the end of March 2021.


We have opened a fantastic new space as our main VR gallery for a whole bunch of new exhibitions. The space accommodates both solo and group shows with the room for 10 exhibitions and 250 works of Art. Tubes are loking to develop a Modern Museum of JUST paintings on a VR space and backed by a host of Pop Up exhibitions in conjunction with our UK partners World Art Finance and world art exhibitions

Click here to visit the current shows…

The current exhibition – Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the Fiddlers Ferry Art Project is not to be missed click below to read the exhibition catalogue….read more by clicking here

We are very proud to announce that painters TUBES is, as of the First of January, an official registered Brand. This trade marked registration opens up our platform(s) to a more secure global audience than ever before.

Therefore painters TUBES® will be on all our VR platforms and our real life platforms as one Branded unit – Tag-Tubes, Tubes Artists Gallery all our websites be re-marketed as Painters TUBES ® followed by the activity: i.e. – magazine – gallery – catalogues or exhibitions- and all will be integrated into one Brand over five websites.

Thank you all for your support be that practical, physical or metaphorical and for those that gave far more than good wishes, we truly give You our heart felt thanks.

Denis Taylor
Artist. Founder and Editor
painters TUBES® 2021

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