The Manchester2020 Vision Exhibition. premiere 2021

new VR Exhibition in Manchester
photograph used with the kind permission of Crag Barker ©2020/21

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MANCHESTER 2022 EXHIBITION – Barton Arcade Brick Factory Manchester OPENS 15th April 2022


Q: How much does it cost to submit for the exhibition  *Ans : Nothing

Q: How much does it cost to participate if chosen to exhibit. Ans: Nothing

(*please note there will be a minimal stand entry fee for Manchester 2022)

Q.: Can I Sell my Art? Ans: Yes

Q: Is there an Easy to Buy Plan for Buyers of my Art.  Ans Yes. An interest free payment plan.

Q: How much does that cost?  Ans: 15% of the Sale Price: Sign up here:

Q: Do the organisers take a commission. Ans Yes. 25% of sales price


Q: Is there an age restrictions? Ans. Yes. Over 20 years Old

Q: Do I have to be a professional Artist? Ans: No, but you have to have been creating art for at least 3 years + and have taken part in at least one exhibition – (art fair, group show, pop-up, online etc)

Q: What date can I submit up to? Ans: May 20th 2021

Q: How do I receive  notification of acceptance ? Ans: by email.

Q: How do I know what to submit; Ans: Follow the submission page click here

Q: How long is the Manchester 2020 Show on For? Ans: from June 20th to July 20th

Exhibition Space and Catalogues

Q How many Artists participate? Ans : Up to 150 Artists in three Galleries.

Q: Is there an Exhibition Catalogue for Each Gallery? Ans: Yes

Q: Does every Exhibition feature in the Gallery catalogue: Ans: Yes.

Q: Are Catalogues free on line to the public ? Ans: Yes.

Q Is there a printed Catalogue for the exhibition? Ans: Yes

Q: Can I order a catalogue before the exhibition opens: Ans: Yes.

examples of painters TUBES catalogues designed and produced by TAG please click here